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What our clients are saying

The relationship between the file preparation source and the printer,

for the customers expectations to be met the communications and planning between the two sources must be effective. From our perspective, this is where Mind’s Eye really stands out as a great partner.

Tom M. @ Brook + Whittle



To the shadow whisperers, varnish tracers, splash slayers, and everyone at Mind’s Eye working so hard to make our brands look fantastic... THANK YOU!!

Jale B. Retail @ The Coca-Cola Company

Sales Ops


Thank you to the Mind’s Eye Team for all of the support. Your collaboration,

teamwork and ability to understand our process and print managment process

is truly valued. Your teams ability to meet critical timing with quality and

repeatable production are unmatched.

Luis R. @ Starpak Corp.

Graphics Manager 

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 11.37.00 AM.png


I've utilized Mind's Eye Group as a Separator Partner for the past 5 years to handle my portfolio of Brands at The Coca-Cola Company. The team is flexible, multi-talented, well qualified and responsive in tackling the many challenges faced every day in the prepress industry.

Paul H. @ The Coca-Cola Company 

Packaging Graphics Manager


One major aspect that separates the team at Mind’s Eye Group from every other agency is their dedication to partnership. If only I had a tangible number for all the occasions, they have saved us from errors in the marketplace. They are essentially INVALUABLE to my work. They truly set the bar high when it comes to attention to detail, proactive communication, and workflow management. It is an absolute advantage to have them in your corner, but the secret is their people!

Patrice P. @ The Coca-Cola Company

Packaging Graphics Manager


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